Simple Tips For Getting a Girlfriend

Posted on 23rd February 2011 in Dating, Tips

Some people, especially when they are young, wonder how to get a girlfriend and think the whole idea is difficult and/or intimidating. It is not, if a person follows a few simple suggestions from the approach genius Adam Gilad, you will get the girl of your dreams in no time.

First, hygiene does matter! No matter how attractive a person might look, if he has body odor or bad breath, or does not smell clean, any budding attraction a woman might feel is going to be stopped in its tracks. Clean teeth and clean clothes are essential and show the man respects himself.

Unless a woman is some kind of gold-digger, a man does not have to wear a Rolex watch or buy the most expensive clothing to get a girlfriend, but he does need to pay attention to basic good grooming. His hair should be clean and neat, as should whatever he is wearing.

Once past the initial “looks” phase, a guy looking to get a girlfriend has got to have a certain openness or approachability. Gone are the days when a man must always make the first move, but it is a good idea to project friendliness. Remember, the girl is probably just as nervous about making the first move as any guy ever was. Of course, it is perfectly all right for the man to be the initiator, too. Even if a person is shy, a “hello” along with a friendly smile goes a long way.

A casual way to get to know one another is to suggest going to for coffee or tea. This is better than meeting for a movie, because it involves face-to-face time instead of just staring at a screen together. It involves less commitment than an invitation to dinner or even lunch. At a café, the man and woman can test the waters and see if there is a mutual attraction. Then, if there is not, the person does not have the agony of spending time with someone when the person would rather be home.

People in general like other people who show an interest in them. A girl is not going to be impressed with a guy who talks nonstop about himself, never asking questions that show an interest in the girl. A man must show genuine interest in who the girl is, what she likes to do, and how she thinks about things. In a good relationship, the lady will respond by showing similar interest in the man. In any event, a man should always refrain from complaining about the last girl he dated. No matter how terrible that past relationship was, a guy will do nothing but push away the woman he is trying to impress by disparaging another girl.

A guy who can make a girl laugh is not going to have much trouble getting a girl to like him. Women are attracted to men with a good sense of humor like bees to honey. Finally, the last suggestion as to how to get a girlfriend is to learn how to dance. A man who can show a girl a good time on the dance floor never has trouble finding a date.

These are some basic tips for any guy trying to enter the dating field or trying to find a girlfriend. By following these simple suggestions, any guy can enjoy success.

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