Keeping In Touch With A Long Distance Partner

Posted on 12th March 2011 in Dating, Tips


You may feel dejected and ready to faint when a long-term partner speaks about traveling long distances. Especially, when you have no clue how to keep in touch. Lucky for you, there have been new and improved technology gimmicks that can help! These applications have modernistic features which allow communication to flow easily during miles of separation. You will also learn to share creative and unique content on a daily basis. So, as of now, you will be able to survive successfully!

The Ring Central  telephone system and e-mail are effective ways of maintaining contact, however, are very old and provide less stimulation. When an individual uses a phone company to talk long distance, they can incur large bills that cause more heartache and pain. The best method is to obtain new modern functions such as Skype, Google Video Chat, Social Networking sites, packages, and recording cameras. These products are bound to make your partner feel closer than ever.

Social networking sites will allow you to keep in touch with a partner’s family and friends. This method will also be more exciting to use than e-mailing. Keep up on their posts, notes, blogs, and more to view their growth and experience. Remember to have fun with the site and comment on your partner’s profile. Believe it or not, it will be appreciated. You will not be able to “hang out” with one another anymore, but the air of familiarity can be depicted within comments and posts.

Skype is an application that will allow individuals to create free and simple calls while viewing their partner on the other end. Quite exciting, really! Watch your partner’s face shine as they notice you on screen and have fun talking in virtual time. You have the ability to interact with them over the screen while chatting. Ultimately, you will feel as if they have never left.

Google Video Chat has similar characteristics. You will be able to speak face-to-face with your partner and the application is free. Discuss current topics, jobs, family, and more while separated. Sooner than later, keeping in touch with your long distant partner becomes too easy. There are several creative ideas to use that will make your contact with your partner unique and exciting.

Recall mail and packaging? Those are simple, inexpensive, and exciting ways to maintain contact. Send your partner small packages that detail your location. You have the ability to send several souvenirs to share your experiences. A long-distance partner will find interest in your daily activities. If you wish to make a more virtual set-up, use recording cameras to detail important experiences throughout your day. Soon you’ll be able to compare experiences and learn more about each other’s interests and personality.

Sending letters, especially love letters, is an exciting way to remember one another. Seeing familiar handwriting is a priceless action and allows you to be funky and creative. However, you can also use postcards that detail a hometown or city location. You can attach a small photo of yourself smiling onto the postcard with a quick and fun sticky note. This will assure the partner that you are thinking about them constantly, no matter how far the distance.

Keeping in touch with a long distance partner doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? Using these current tools of communication will ensure no gap is left void. While creating packages, video recordings, and letters make sure to showcase your vitality and creativity. Choose activities you both enjoy and share them across miles. These methods of communication will be daily reminders of how wonderful and exciting you are as a person.

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