How to Have a Good Fashion Sense

Posted on 3rd May 2011 in Tips


To look professional and to have people take you seriously, you need to have a good fashion sense. Whether you’re applying for a new job, or you’d like to look nicely dressed on a daily basis, there are some key things you’ll want to keep in mind for that to happen.

In order to have good fashion, consider these ideas below.

Dress for the occasion: Make sure you always dress for the occasion. For example, if you are meeting a friend for lunch, that would more than likely be something somewhat dressy, yet casual (assuming the restaurant isn’t too fancy.) Now, if you’re just going to get your hair colored, there is no need to dress up for this. Always dress according to the occasion, as well as the weather.

Dress your age: Most teenagers love Twilight and breaking dawn t-shirts are all the rage right now.  Teens can still get away with skirts, as well as some shorter shorts, just don’t try this if you’re a mom with teenagers. It’s important to dress your age and to dress appropriately. It’s never okay to expose too much, regardless of your age. This is also true in the sense that you don’t want to age yourself with “older women clothes” at a young age. Find clothes that fit your age group.

Choose clothes that are comfortable: In order to look your best, you need to be comfortable. When we’re comfortable and feel good about ourselves, we’re more confident and express ourselves better. Don’t buy clothes or any accessories because you think they look nice, buy them because they complement you nicely and because they’re comfortable. No one looks good in shoes they can’t walk in, or jeans that are cutting off their circulation.

Wear the right sizes: Be sure to wear your size. Though going up a pant size may make you feel depressed, no one else will know that number or even notice besides you. Always wear clothes that fit you properly. Everyone has a different body shape and circumference. So, be sure to get clothes that fit your body and only your body. When you dress in clothes that are too big or too small, you will only create an image of having your body look bigger than it is. Make your clothes complement your body and allow them to enhance your favorite parts.

Consider certain name brands: You may find that certain name brands may fit you better than others. If you do notice this, be sure to stick with that brand. Also, consider buying some nice name brand things, such as a nice designer purse and some designer sunglasses. When you pay a little bit more for quality and designer brands, you’re going to get a lot more for your money and they will also more than likely last longer.

Wear colors that complement you: Be sure to wear colors that complement your skin tone. Whether you have fair skin or olive darker skin, you may want to steer clear of certain shades and colors, as certain ones can bring out your flaws such as acne, dark bags under your eyes, or even lighter complexion making you look more washed out. When you do find a color that complements your skin tone or hair color, you will be able to tell right away. Now, if for some reason you can’t, ask for an opinion.

As you can see, there are some things you want to consider when it comes to picking out your wardrobe. Though the way you dress doesn’t change your personality, it can definitely bring out your personality. So, if you’re looking to go shopping soon, be sure to keep these key ideas in mind.

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