Create A Fabulous Online Dating Profile

Posted on 18th July 2011 in Dating


Creating an online dating profile can feel like a daunting task. Dating websites are flooded with participants all sharing a common goal and the competition can be stiff. How can you stand out in a sea of hopeful singles? The answer is a fabulous and unique profile.

Chances are you would spend more than five minutes getting ready for a date. Be sure to spend more than five minutes creating a profile. The first thing a potential match will see is your user name so choose wisely. Having trouble coming up with a catchy name? Create two lists, one of adjective, the other of nouns. Combine your favorite adjective with your favorite noun and a fun profile name is born. Are you silly (adjective) and to collect old tea pots (noun)? Introducing SillyTeaPot! A fun username can entice somebody to click on your profile. A click on your profile means somebody may read your profile. If they read your profile they might e-mail you. An e-mail exchange may lead to a date. A boring and generic user name offers little incentive for a potential mate to stop and take a look.

Like a successful advertising campaign an online dating profile needs a strong tagline. The tagline, or headline, should be fresh and offer a splashy glimpse of who you are. Avoid the same tired clichés that are used over and over again. Think of a dating profile tagline as a status update. Use seasonal ideas for inspiration if you find yourself with a stale headline. What do you love about winter, spring, summer or fall? If October is your favorite month consider the tagline “Happy October, Meet me at the Pumpkin Patch!”

Never underestimate the power of a spectacular profile photo. Not everybody can afford the services of a professional photographer but you can take photos that will stop a passerby in their tracks. Avoid using old and outdated photos. You may look great in a photo taken four years ago but it’s not an accurate portrayal of who you are now. The subject of the photo is you not your friend, neighbor and great aunt. A solo photo works best for an online dating profile. It might not feel natural to take a staged photo but relax, smile and if all else fails, use a prop.

A profile that is too short can send the message of laziness. A long and rambling profile might indicate the inability to self-edit and smacks of desperation. Most dating websites have a generic set of questions to help you get started. The key is to answer the questions and expand in a creative and honest way. For example, world travel might be a passion. Instead of simply stating “I am passionate about world travel” use anecdotal answers instead. A better expression of your passion might sound something like this, “World travel is my passion and I recently returned from a three week tour of Europe”. Specifics provide a more interesting portrait of who you are. Specifics also increase the odds of like-minded individuals seeking you out.

It’s always a good idea to ask a good friend to critique your dating profile. Brutal honesty can improve your profile. Many people find it difficult to describe themselves and a close pal can help you extract all the details in a delightful way. An online dating profile mirrors the process of creating a website.

Lastly, be safe and smart. Never mention personal contact information in a public listing. Most online dating sites have protocols in place to protect their members but it’s important to be vigilant.

What are you waiting for? Get busy on your online dating profile!

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