Using Emoticons Can Help Your Dating Life

Posted on 15th October 2012 in Tips

People have been using emoticons for about 30 years now. The historic XOXO has been around since the medieval times. It is proof that cute messages with flirty emoticons can initiate a romance and keep that spark alive. Many people cannot help sending a text message without inserting a smiley face into their message nowadays. Knowing when to use emoticons and when to not use them can make your love life sizzle.

When texting or writing an email, the receiver cannot hear your voice, see your smile, or hear your joking laugh. Using emoticons will help a dating potential to know you are just joking. Forgetting to use that smiley emoticon may cause a fight to blow up in your face, because of some sarcastic remark you quickly texted to them. So don’t forget to use the winking emoticon and you also may want to say you were just joking, until they get to know your personality more.

Some people may cringe if you send too many emoticons. It may signal that you are lazy. Just beware of how many emoticons you are sending out. Don’t forget that words are very powerful. Say how you really feel, instead of just texting back a smiley face or some other face.

Sending sweet text messages with little kissing or heart emoticons can really brighten someone’s day. Just let your sweetheart know that you have been thinking about her and leave a little rose emoticon or a kiss. Everybody loves sweet love notes and taking time out of your busy day to send a quick message really shows them you care.

If your love life is not as hot in the bedroom as you would like, try sending a naughty text or two with a little devil or angel emoticon. After sending a few sweet and sexy text message over a few days, they will not be able to get all of the naughty notes you texted them out of their mind. Your significant other will want to go on a date with you as quickly as possible, and things will definitely heat up in the bedroom. So keep sending the sweet texts and use the emoticons to really make your loved one swoon.

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