3 Popular Wedding Color Combinations

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When planning a wedding everything has to be perfect. The dresses, the flowers, the decorations, the theme, they all need to be color coordinated and appropriate. The last thing you want to do is order a bunch of things for the wedding and realize the colors clash! To help, here are some popular wedding colors and what they can mean for a theme.Blue and White
Blue and white are winter colors, and lends itself strongly to this theme. It is an ideal choice for a wonderful winter wedding, and is a great excuse to stick to a classical white dress. Some decorations that go with this sort of theme are crystal, pearls, and snow flake shaped paper. Alternatively white and blue also make for a good regal or high class theme.

Yellow and Orange
Yellow and orange on the other hand are fall colors, but you can imagine the sort of themes that would go with that pretty easily! Pulling away from fall, yellow and red are bright, homey colors. As such it is also great for a casual wedding, or perhaps as a country sort of theme. Woven vases, baskets, and other things look stunning in a yellow and orange themed wedding. Red is an alternative to both colors, but keep in mind that it is an intense color that can be outright garish if you’re not careful.

Purple and Pink
Unlike many other colors purple and pink do not lend themselves to a strong seasonal theme. You could stretch it to be appropriate for spring, but that is a bit of a leap. Instead, purple and pink is good for a romantic or love based theme, though it lends itself more to soft love than passionate love. Many beautiful flowers fall into this theme, making it a great idea to include many of them in your displays and settings. Silver goes great with these colors too, making silver jewelry, plates, and other items a must.

Whether you’re talking about blue bridesmaid dresses or black bridesmaid dresses at Weddington Way they key to picking out good colors for any wedding is to pick ones that both compliment each other and lend themselves well to the theme you want to portray and put for the wedding photographer. Though some complimenting color pairs work better than others, any two of them can work well enough if you work hard enough and think things through as you’re organizing them.

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