Using Emoticons Can Help Your Dating Life

Posted on 15th October 2012 in Tips

People have been using emoticons for about 30 years now. The historic XOXO has been around since the medieval times. It is proof that cute messages with flirty emoticons can initiate a romance and keep that spark alive. Many people cannot help sending a text message without inserting a smiley face into their message nowadays. Knowing when to use emoticons and when to not use them can make your love life sizzle.

When texting or writing an email, the receiver cannot hear your voice, see your smile, or hear your joking laugh. Using emoticons will help a dating potential to know you are just joking. Forgetting to use that smiley emoticon may cause a fight to blow up in your face, because of some sarcastic remark you quickly texted to them. So don’t forget to use the winking emoticon and you also may want to say you were just joking, until they get to know your personality more.

Some people may cringe if you send too many emoticons. It may signal that you are lazy. Just beware of how many emoticons you are sending out. Don’t forget that words are very powerful. Say how you really feel, instead of just texting back a smiley face or some other face.

Sending sweet text messages with little kissing or heart emoticons can really brighten someone’s day. Just let your sweetheart know that you have been thinking about her and leave a little rose emoticon or a kiss. Everybody loves sweet love notes and taking time out of your busy day to send a quick message really shows them you care.

If your love life is not as hot in the bedroom as you would like, try sending a naughty text or two with a little devil or angel emoticon. After sending a few sweet and sexy text message over a few days, they will not be able to get all of the naughty notes you texted them out of their mind. Your significant other will want to go on a date with you as quickly as possible, and things will definitely heat up in the bedroom. So keep sending the sweet texts and use the emoticons to really make your loved one swoon.

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Don’t overspend on loved ones for the holidays

Posted on 9th June 2011 in Tips

Holiday spending can often cause arguing and discontent in a family and instead of being a wonderful time of the year, it is full of stress and strife. But it doesn’t need to be that way and with some careful planning, it can be a time of giving without breaking the budget. Buying things for the people who are important and loved will bring fulfillment and contentment and when the holiday is over, it will bring wonderful memories.

Careful planning is the key. It all starts with a budget. Some people put money away every month towards Christmas and use this nest egg when the season begins to buy all the presents. It is an easy way to do it and when someone sticks to the budget, they will be able to have plenty of money for all the things they had planned for. A budget is not always a lot of fun, but with some thought, meaningful gifts can be purchased and often they are better then something that was bought quickly without much thought.

Some people like to start shopping for the holidays on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, or Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping holiday of the year. Others like to start shopping for the next holiday the day after Christmas. They make a list of everyone they need to buy for and as they see things on sale or discounted, they take advantage of it and put it away until the season begins. The trick is to not keep spending. If something is on sale and the price is great, then buy it and use it as the gift for the intended person. Just because there is left over money does not mean it is necessary to buy more. Stop after finding the right present and save the money for a rainy day.

It can be a good idea to have a couple of extra generic gifts sitting around the house for the unexpected. When the holiday arrives often there are last minute gift exchanges or someone who could use a special gift and having something on hand will not only keep the stress down, it will save money. No need to run to the store and purchase some full price item when a great gift is handy and ready to wrap.

Gift exchanges are fun and often a good way to save money and reduce stress. Encourage loved ones and family members to think about doing an old fashion gift exchange instead of buying for each loved one on the list. It is easy and most people are just as happy with one gift instead of several things. Many families are using this system and they all agree it is a great way to give something to the people who are loved and yet not spend a lot of money.

Spending money is not the only way to let someone know they are loved and thought about. If money is an issue as it is for many people, it is possible to try different types of ways saying I love you and care about you. Cards, notes, and pictures can be used as personal ways of communicating sentiment. No one should ever stress over gifts and holidays. Think outside the box and make it a pure time of joy and family without the stress of worrying about gifts. It is a better way to live and makes a lot of sense.

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How to Have a Good Fashion Sense

Posted on 3rd May 2011 in Tips


To look professional and to have people take you seriously, you need to have a good fashion sense. Whether you’re applying for a new job, or you’d like to look nicely dressed on a daily basis, there are some key things you’ll want to keep in mind for that to happen.

In order to have good fashion, consider these ideas below.

Dress for the occasion: Make sure you always dress for the occasion. For example, if you are meeting a friend for lunch, that would more than likely be something somewhat dressy, yet casual (assuming the restaurant isn’t too fancy.) Now, if you’re just going to get your hair colored, there is no need to dress up for this. Always dress according to the occasion, as well as the weather.

Dress your age: Most teenagers love Twilight and breaking dawn t-shirts are all the rage right now.  Teens can still get away with skirts, as well as some shorter shorts, just don’t try this if you’re a mom with teenagers. It’s important to dress your age and to dress appropriately. It’s never okay to expose too much, regardless of your age. This is also true in the sense that you don’t want to age yourself with “older women clothes” at a young age. Find clothes that fit your age group.

Choose clothes that are comfortable: In order to look your best, you need to be comfortable. When we’re comfortable and feel good about ourselves, we’re more confident and express ourselves better. Don’t buy clothes or any accessories because you think they look nice, buy them because they complement you nicely and because they’re comfortable. No one looks good in shoes they can’t walk in, or jeans that are cutting off their circulation.

Wear the right sizes: Be sure to wear your size. Though going up a pant size may make you feel depressed, no one else will know that number or even notice besides you. Always wear clothes that fit you properly. Everyone has a different body shape and circumference. So, be sure to get clothes that fit your body and only your body. When you dress in clothes that are too big or too small, you will only create an image of having your body look bigger than it is. Make your clothes complement your body and allow them to enhance your favorite parts.

Consider certain name brands: You may find that certain name brands may fit you better than others. If you do notice this, be sure to stick with that brand. Also, consider buying some nice name brand things, such as a nice designer purse and some designer sunglasses. When you pay a little bit more for quality and designer brands, you’re going to get a lot more for your money and they will also more than likely last longer.

Wear colors that complement you: Be sure to wear colors that complement your skin tone. Whether you have fair skin or olive darker skin, you may want to steer clear of certain shades and colors, as certain ones can bring out your flaws such as acne, dark bags under your eyes, or even lighter complexion making you look more washed out. When you do find a color that complements your skin tone or hair color, you will be able to tell right away. Now, if for some reason you can’t, ask for an opinion.

As you can see, there are some things you want to consider when it comes to picking out your wardrobe. Though the way you dress doesn’t change your personality, it can definitely bring out your personality. So, if you’re looking to go shopping soon, be sure to keep these key ideas in mind.

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How to Keep the Spark In Your Relationship

Posted on 28th April 2011 in Relationships, Tips


Statistics show that after two years of being in a committed relationship, things start to die out. It is important to maintain spark and keep romance alive in a relationship for it to continue and grow, this includes those who are married with children. Many times, we all get so caught up in our own lives, we tend to forget about our significant other and the great times we have shared prior to our busy lives. Therefore, engage in a few activities to help keep the spark alive like you are on your honey moon.  Oh and by the way…Traveling is a surefire way to spice up a relationship.

Surprises are one of the musts in every relationship. Surprises does not necessarily entail a big gift and spending your weekly pay check just to make your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife happy. There are a variety of ways to surprise your significant other which include homemade I love you cards, flowers from the backyard, offering to do a chore, a quick massage, and many others. The ones that will definitely catch the attention and make someone’s heart melt are the big gifts which include jewelry and a get away, but the little things add up as well.

Although many of us get caught up with the many tasks of the day which include taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, working overtime, it is important to spend time with your significant other. This does not mean that you should ignore the many tasks that you have awaiting your attention, but it is a way to engage in these tasks together. Taking the boys out to the park doesn’t mean that it’s the father’s duty to play ball with them, a mother can go along and learn with the boys as well. Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be a one man job, team efforts show appreciation which help boost value in a relationship.

Another way to spend quality time with your partner is to rekindle the nights in bed. Being tired and exhausted is no excuse to ignore the sensations of love making. Experts say couples who have sex at least once a week are more attracted to their partner and the bond between the couple is much more positive than the average couple who engage in intercourse once a month. Keep in mind that engaging in romance does not mean that you should schedule each other in your agenda a few weeks ahead, it should be spontaneous. Participating in role play and experimenting with items and others is also a great way to maintain the spark in a romantic relationship.

With the staggering increase in divorce rates and breakups, it is important to save your relationship before it is too late. If you feel that your relationship is starting to go downhill, it is important to act quickly and engage in little things that help to change the atmosphere in a relationship. Following that is the time bonding and love making. Be sure to reserve time for your partner even with your busy schedule. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in life, and to keep romance alive in a relationship, time is one of them.

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Keeping In Touch With A Long Distance Partner

Posted on 12th March 2011 in Dating, Tips


You may feel dejected and ready to faint when a long-term partner speaks about traveling long distances. Especially, when you have no clue how to keep in touch. Lucky for you, there have been new and improved technology gimmicks that can help! These applications have modernistic features which allow communication to flow easily during miles of separation. You will also learn to share creative and unique content on a daily basis. So, as of now, you will be able to survive successfully!

The Ring Central  telephone system and e-mail are effective ways of maintaining contact, however, are very old and provide less stimulation. When an individual uses a phone company to talk long distance, they can incur large bills that cause more heartache and pain. The best method is to obtain new modern functions such as Skype, Google Video Chat, Social Networking sites, packages, and recording cameras. These products are bound to make your partner feel closer than ever.

Social networking sites will allow you to keep in touch with a partner’s family and friends. This method will also be more exciting to use than e-mailing. Keep up on their posts, notes, blogs, and more to view their growth and experience. Remember to have fun with the site and comment on your partner’s profile. Believe it or not, it will be appreciated. You will not be able to “hang out” with one another anymore, but the air of familiarity can be depicted within comments and posts.

Skype is an application that will allow individuals to create free and simple calls while viewing their partner on the other end. Quite exciting, really! Watch your partner’s face shine as they notice you on screen and have fun talking in virtual time. You have the ability to interact with them over the screen while chatting. Ultimately, you will feel as if they have never left.

Google Video Chat has similar characteristics. You will be able to speak face-to-face with your partner and the application is free. Discuss current topics, jobs, family, and more while separated. Sooner than later, keeping in touch with your long distant partner becomes too easy. There are several creative ideas to use that will make your contact with your partner unique and exciting.

Recall mail and packaging? Those are simple, inexpensive, and exciting ways to maintain contact. Send your partner small packages that detail your location. You have the ability to send several souvenirs to share your experiences. A long-distance partner will find interest in your daily activities. If you wish to make a more virtual set-up, use recording cameras to detail important experiences throughout your day. Soon you’ll be able to compare experiences and learn more about each other’s interests and personality.

Sending letters, especially love letters, is an exciting way to remember one another. Seeing familiar handwriting is a priceless action and allows you to be funky and creative. However, you can also use postcards that detail a hometown or city location. You can attach a small photo of yourself smiling onto the postcard with a quick and fun sticky note. This will assure the partner that you are thinking about them constantly, no matter how far the distance.

Keeping in touch with a long distance partner doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? Using these current tools of communication will ensure no gap is left void. While creating packages, video recordings, and letters make sure to showcase your vitality and creativity. Choose activities you both enjoy and share them across miles. These methods of communication will be daily reminders of how wonderful and exciting you are as a person.

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Simple Tips For Getting a Girlfriend

Posted on 23rd February 2011 in Dating, Tips

Some people, especially when they are young, wonder how to get a girlfriend and think the whole idea is difficult and/or intimidating. It is not, if a person follows a few simple suggestions from the approach genius Adam Gilad, you will get the girl of your dreams in no time.

First, hygiene does matter! No matter how attractive a person might look, if he has body odor or bad breath, or does not smell clean, any budding attraction a woman might feel is going to be stopped in its tracks. Clean teeth and clean clothes are essential and show the man respects himself.

Unless a woman is some kind of gold-digger, a man does not have to wear a Rolex watch or buy the most expensive clothing to get a girlfriend, but he does need to pay attention to basic good grooming. His hair should be clean and neat, as should whatever he is wearing.

Once past the initial “looks” phase, a guy looking to get a girlfriend has got to have a certain openness or approachability. Gone are the days when a man must always make the first move, but it is a good idea to project friendliness. Remember, the girl is probably just as nervous about making the first move as any guy ever was. Of course, it is perfectly all right for the man to be the initiator, too. Even if a person is shy, a “hello” along with a friendly smile goes a long way.

A casual way to get to know one another is to suggest going to for coffee or tea. This is better than meeting for a movie, because it involves face-to-face time instead of just staring at a screen together. It involves less commitment than an invitation to dinner or even lunch. At a café, the man and woman can test the waters and see if there is a mutual attraction. Then, if there is not, the person does not have the agony of spending time with someone when the person would rather be home.

People in general like other people who show an interest in them. A girl is not going to be impressed with a guy who talks nonstop about himself, never asking questions that show an interest in the girl. A man must show genuine interest in who the girl is, what she likes to do, and how she thinks about things. In a good relationship, the lady will respond by showing similar interest in the man. In any event, a man should always refrain from complaining about the last girl he dated. No matter how terrible that past relationship was, a guy will do nothing but push away the woman he is trying to impress by disparaging another girl.

A guy who can make a girl laugh is not going to have much trouble getting a girl to like him. Women are attracted to men with a good sense of humor like bees to honey. Finally, the last suggestion as to how to get a girlfriend is to learn how to dance. A man who can show a girl a good time on the dance floor never has trouble finding a date.

These are some basic tips for any guy trying to enter the dating field or trying to find a girlfriend. By following these simple suggestions, any guy can enjoy success.

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